Who’s DW?

Who’s DW?

DW is also known as Katie Sutton.  She has been married to her very own pastor for over 20 years.  Her glass house experience has taken her to four states and eight churches.  Katie’s husband has served primarily as a youth pastor, however, as needs arose, he would combine that role with the titles of children’s pastor, pastor for families, associate pastor, pre-teen pastor and interim senior pastor.  Katie and her husband are raising three amazing boys in the midst of the chaos of ministry. 

In the early days of being a glass house spouse, Katie dreamed of reaching out to ministry spouses in a way that she felt had never been done for her.  She made it her goal to be an open friend and mentor to other ministry spouses to give encouragement that “this is a journey that no one should walk alone”.  Since making that goal, Katie has been blessed to have the privilege of knowing many wives and husbands of pastors who have been a wonderful supportive community in every struggle and joy!

And where did the “DW” come from??  Though she has been known as Katie to her friends and family, most people in the church have always introduced her by her more familiar name… “Darren’s Wife”.


  1. Melinda Visosky


    I love it! It brought tears to my eyes and warm fuzzies to my heart. You are the perfect person to minister to others through this avenue. Can’t wait until we can sit down together again and gel. Love you…….Melinda V

  2. Your words in this Blog not only help PW’s but also help us husbands who sometimes are full speed into ministry and the pains that come. Sometimes we are so focused on God’s work that we all of a sudden are overlooking one of the most important ministries we have (Our Families). Thank you for sharing and living in that glass house.

  3. Just found you – great blog!!!


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